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The Halfway to Hell Club
A Sean O'Farrell Mystery: Book 1

ISBN: 978-1-942661-89-4

In 1938 San Francisco, private eye Sean O’Farrell has his hands full. For clients, he has a good-looking lady doctor with a cheating husband, or does she? The lord of Chinatown has a minor family problem that needs looking into - minor, just how minor? 

His life quickly becomes a cable-car ride that is out of control. One false move could be curtains, a quick trip to hell, but if he’s lucky, he may only end up as a member of the Halfway to Hell Club.

The Sausalito Ferry to Hell
A Sean O'Farrell Mystery: Book 2

ISBN: 978-1-942661-89-4

The mob is demanding answers, and they want them now. A ferryboat captain wants his missing daughter found. An oil company executive is in danger. Will private eye Sean O’Farrell get there in time for all of his clients?

Danger is in Chinatown and around every corner in San Francisco. 

This could be one last showdown before it all ends with a ride on the Sausalito Ferry to Hell.


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more short stories featuring private eye
Sean O'Farrell
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